Industry Leading Lung Screening and Lung Nodule Patient Tracking and Reporting Software

If you're looking for software to help manage your lung practice, look no further: Aspen® Lung is the most advanced, integrated and adaptable lung tracking and reporting solution available on the market. Built from the ground up and based on over 20 years of experience in developing software for breast imaging tracking & reporting, Aspen® Lung is a step ahead.

ACR LCSR™ Data Collection and Reporting

The most frequently requested function, Aspen® Lung’s direct connection to the ACR Lung Cancer Screening Registry™ (ACR LCSR™) help programs quickly and confidently submit complete data summaries. Aspen® Lung manages 100% of the required data elements and Aspen® Lung receives this data through an interface, reducing manual entry of data, or by a lung cancer screening coordinator entering the data.

Patient Coordination and Workflow Tools

Customizable Worklists in Aspen® Lung assist your lung cancer screening team by empowering them to sort through all the data and only see what they need in order to be great at their job. As an example, worklists can be set to display new referrals to the program, patients scheduled for screening today, patients whose results are ready/sorted by Lung-RADS® and much more. Statistical reports display patients due and overdue for follow up while the print queue holds lay patient result and recall letters for the day.

Less Manual Data Entry through Interfacing

Interfaces and integrations are essential for most health care IT. Some programs use Aspen® Lung as a stand-alone application – no interfaces. Many have one or more interfaces helping to streamline certain areas of the screening process while also greatly reducing the amount of data that must be manual entered to satisfy patient tracking and/ or ACR LCSR™ needs. With interfacing comes the possibility to automatically receive information on newly ordered lung cancer screening CTs, results from screening like the Lung-RADS™, results from biopsy, scheduling information, smoking history, insurance and much more.

Incidental Lung Nodules

For some it is an important function and Aspen® Lung can help. Aspen® Lung can track patients with nodules found outside of the screening process. These patients, if managed in Aspen® Lung, are not included in the
ACR LCSR™ data report.

Lung Nodule Computer Aided Detection (CAD)

Aspen® Lung offers sales and support for 3rd party Computer Aided Detection (CAD) and nodule recognition tools specific to lung cancer screening. Aspen® Lung works with MeVis Veolity Lung Screening, Siemens syngo.via and TeraRecon. Key to CAD for lung cancer screening is reliable nodule detection, measurement and nodule tracking over time. These tools can provide key nodule statistics like mass and volume doubling time, density and average diameter. Many nodule detection tools offer PACS workflow compatibility or they can perform as a lung cancer screening reading workstation.

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Aspen® Lung Tech Specs

Server Requirements

Minimum Recommended
Processor AMD Opteron
AMD Athlon 64
Intel Xeon with Intel EM64T Support
Intel Premium IV with EM64T Support
Processor Speed 2.00 GHz
Hard Drive 4 GB Free Space
Supported OS Windows Server 2008 R2

SQL Requirements

Minimum Recommended
SQL Version SQL 2016

Workstation Requirements

Minimum Recommended
Processor Pentium III - compatible processor or faster
Processor Speed 1.00 GHz
Hard Drive 4 GB Free Space
Supported OS Windows 8.1

Network Requirements

Minimum Recommended
Bandwith 100 MBPS (10/1000 Ethernet)
User Needs 50 kbs on average