Streamline patient information collection

MRS Worksheet Printing streamlines the patient information collect  process  by automatically printing all of the information the patient entered on their last visit. Once the patient has had their information entered into MRS for the first time, each subsequent visit will only require the patient to review the existing information and update any changes. This saves your facility from having to update the patient's record every time they visit, and it gives patients the convenience of not having to repetitively fill out worksheets every time they have an exam.

Bar codes or exam identifier can also be printed onto the worksheet. When scanned, the system will automatically open the corresponding patient record or exam. The bar code can also be used in conjunction with one of our Digital Workstation Integrations to automatically launch images on your Digital Viewer.

Our worksheets are customizable to your facility, and include worksheets for mammograms, pathologies, and other imaging procedures. All worksheets can automatically print upon the patient’s arrival when used in conjunction with one of our RIS/HIS/EMR Interfaces.