Full-featured system that incorporates directly into your reporting workflow

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What is MRS7 Reporting?

MRS7 Reporting is a full-featured system that includes all of the features of MRS QA Plus, with the added ability to incorporate directly into radiologist's reporting workflow. This promotes time-savings and efficiency.

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MRS7 Reporting provides radiologists with the tools they need to maximize their time. Radiologists can report directly into MRS7 from templates, voice recognition systems, or navigating with keyboard and mouse to write their reports. There are many innovations that raise the benchmark for breast imaging reporting and tracking, building upon the core features of QA Plus.

Safety is Job #1 - Patients will not slip through the cracks with MRS's meticulous tracking of patients utilizing the Unresolved Problem Case List feature.

Timely - With MRS's streamlined workflows, our process time for reporting procedures, collecting patient data, generating patient correspondence, and compiling statistical reports is significantly reduced.

Efficient - MRS offers many solutions that can make your facility more efficient including:

  • One-touch reporting templates
  • Voice recognition integrations
  • Synchronized systems
  • Paperless workflows

Scalable - Whether your facility is a small, single-radiologist practice, or a large University research institution, MRS is designed to scale to your practice size. MRS adapts to fit your specific needs.

Patient Focused - We complement and support your mission to provide the best possible patient care with comprehensive risk assessment models including Tyrer-Cuzick, BRCA gene mutation prevalence tables from Myriad Genetics, and MRS guideline statements based on published, peer-reviewed articles. MRS provides tools to help promote optimal patient care in your facility.

Features of MRS7 Reporting


  • Customizable, user-defined templates that allow for quick report generation, including One-Touch Reporting
  • Automatic generation of clinician reports
  • Provides a multitude of statistical reports and lists

Risk Management

The Risk Manager displays graphical alerts to inform the clinician when a patient's personal history, family history, or heredity warrants the consideration of additional discussion, serveillance, or risk assessment

  • Myriad Flags - This feature flags patients that have been identified as good candidates for genetic testing based on their personal or family history.
  • Tyrer-Cuzick risk model, Myriad Prevalence Tables and Flags, the Gail Model, and NCA risk calculations to aid in your patient risk assessments
  • High Risk Reports that can be sent to referring clinicians to notify them of their higher risk patients


MRS understands that system integrations are an important component of any robust system. MRS has a dedicated integrations team that is constantly creating integrations with other vendors.

  • RIS/HIS/EMR Interface
  • Voice Recognition Integrations
  • Digital Workstation Integrations
  • Patient Navigation Integrations