Cost effective solution for all your MQSA and privacy requirements

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What is MRS7 QA Plus

If your facility is looking for a cost effective solution designed to assist in your complying with MQSA & HIPAA requirements then MRS7 QA Plus is for you.

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MRS7 QA Plus is the most economical package to help you comply with MQSA requirements. Patient correspondence is automatically generated based on the assessment and recommendation made by the radiologist and entered by data entry staff. Patients are tracked for immediate, short-term, and routine follow-up using pre-set time periods for patient communication based on the site’s workflow. Statistics are generated using the previously entered data in MRS7 QA Plus for regulatory requirements and for patient tracking. 

Features of MRS7 QA+

  • Generates statistical reports for MQSA audits and practice management
  • Automatically generates patient letters (results & recall)
  • Records Radiologists' assessments and recommendations
  • Reminds patients, clinicians, and staff of all follow-up needs
  • Documents all patient/clinician communications
  • Collects information for all breast related procedures
  • Free email capabilities save mailing costs and help to move you to paperless workflow