MRS7 QA Plus

Cost effective solution for all your MQSA and privacy requirements

MRS7 QA Plus Features

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BI-RADS 5 edition lexicon compliant

As of 7/10/2016 MRS is the only NMD-Certified™3.0 BI-RADS®5th edition approved software

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MQSA Audits and Practice Management

QA Plus has statistical reports and practice management tools available out of the box. Generating an audit report in MRS is easy by applying a few filters and is available real-time. No waiting for IT to pull those for you. Individual users also have access to their procedure numbers and audit results. Using the data gathered in your MRS system for all breast related procedures allows for generation of the statistical reports. These reports assist with your annual MQSA audits and the management of your practice. There is also the ability to export data to cancer registries, the National Mammography Database, and other data gathering organizations.

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Electronic Document Storage

Scanning documents into MRS is an efficient way to store documents electronically that may be needed for each patient, such pathology reports, history sheets, driver’s license, and insurance.

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