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Aspen™ Breast Features

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Risk Dashboard

Updated risk model features gives you the ability to customize risk thresholds, and display settings based on your facility protocols (previously used model author thresholds). Risk Assessment reports identify potentially high risk patients and their assessment calculations, which can be used for patient insurance pre-authorizations.

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Statistical Reports

Users can create multiple customized report folders and save their design for future printing with a single click. Montly, Quarterly or Annual Reporting: a breeze! Multi-tabbed browsing allows users to navigate to other parts of the application while reports are still running. Aspen™ Breast exports data to: Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium, Canadian Breast Cancer Screening, and Chicago Breast Cancer Quality Consortium, NQMBC reporting.

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Patient Letters Creation

Expanded patient letter package with site branding capabilities, expanded text and format customization, and correspondence metrics. Aspen™ allows you to customize your letter with conditional text, risk data, and government mandated text such as breast density statements. Patient letters support a variety of foreign languages, Spanish and French included.

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Administrative Dashboard

The Administrative Dashboard uses business and clinical data to bring the data to life, for real-time facility metrics, and administrative controls.

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Darkroom Mode

Aspen has a built-in darkroom mode with an icon on the toolbar. This saves you three clicks from the existing MRS system. Just an example of how Aspen was designed to navigate the program with as few clicks as possible.

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MRS Systems offers over 75 interfaces and integrations with most every software vendor in the categories of: Reading Workstations, Voice Recognition Systems, PACS, Search and Analytics, Patient Navigation, RIS/HIS/EHR Systems, and Volumetric Breast Density Assessment Software

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Supports Regulatory Requirements

MRS is a software licensee of the American College of Radiology, and uses the ACR® BI-RADS™ Atlas. Aspen™ is fully compliant with BI-RADS™ 5 Edition. MQSA compliance support through automated lay patient letters, patient tracking, and statistical reports designed to assist your medical audit.


  • Viztek
  • Sectra
  • McKesson
  • FujiFilm
  • Hologic
  • Merge
  • GE
  • Philips
  • Siemens
  • eRad
  • Nuance
  • Dolbey
  • Dragon
  • MModal
  • Agfa
  • Radware
  • Montage
  • Cordata
  • RMS
  • VuComp
  • Volpara
  • Quantra

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Aspen™ Breast Technical Specifications

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*If SQL is on same server as Aspen Breast, you must use recommended requirements
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